1. Astrology Report: Personal Bazi Forecast for 2018


    On February 4th in 2018, the annual energy changes and we enter the year of the Earth Dog.

    One year is different than the other and it is always of a great importance to be prepared for what the yearly changes are bringing you.

    This report starts with a personalized general overview, then, it covers wealth, career, relationship and health sector of your life in 2018.
    You don't want to miss to find out what are the highlights of the Earth Dog year for you and what are the necessary precautions to have yet another successful and fulfilling year.

    Please provide the following:*
    - Your Date of Birth and Hour (if known)
    - Your Place of Birth
    - Your Gender

    Deadline for completion of the report is 6 - 18 days from the payment date and it is subjected to personal arrangement.

    * Email it to here after you have paid.